Canine Care Careers Start Here



  • Working At Planet Pooch

    If your goal is a career in animal care and you would love to get paid to watch over lovable dogs, seriously consider an application for Planet Pooch. Our unsurpassed canine care is a direct result of our exemplary employees because we outshine the market in salary, benefits, and workplace perks for the entire doggy daycare industry. Planet Pooch recruits the best and most caring people for our daycare centers because we believe fulfilled, knowledgable employees positively pamper pets.

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    Planet Pooch Certified K-9 Attendants

    Training that certifies your dog handling skills.

    Planet Pooch Certified K-9 Attendants go through a rigorous 4-Level training program to become Certified Master K-9 Attendants. Starting with the most rudimentary canine handling and care skills, we advance you through our training process that teaches you the academic and behavioral skills you need to masterfully maintain a pack of dogs of any size and personality. At Planet Pooch, our endless care of dogs comes from a strong relationship with our team members.

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    Generous Working Benefits

    We take good care of our family.

    • Lovable pooches to play with all day long.
    • Higher pay than the average doggy daycare center.
    • Working hours with lunch and breaks.
    • Public transportation benefits.
    • Learn dog handling skills and support your career in animal care.
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    Extraordinary Sleepover Staff Perks

    Extra Benefits For Overnight Pamperers

    • Hang out in our lounge rooms with friendly pooches.
    • Flatscreen TV with BluRay, Xbox®, music system, and comfortable couches.
    • Be a comfort and leader for our groups of sleepover canines.
    • Sleep all night with your favorite overnight canines.
  • Apply To Planet Pooch

    Complete an application for employment at Planet Pooch and begin the process of developing your career in animal care. Our application collects your resume information for us to review against our staff requirements. If you’ve got the potential, we’ll contact you to schedule an in-person interview.

  • Master Certified K-9 Attendants

    Planet Pooch Certified Master K-9 Attendants are team members that have rigorously trained and learned how to masterfully handle and care for a pack of dogs. Planet Pooch's certification process includes four levels of training that take every candidate from beginner to master in manageable phases. Once certified, our K-9 Attendants provide the high standards of care Planet Pooch has cultivated at each  daycare center.


    Recent applicants and those invited to interview. Candidates are beginners and await approval to begin certification training. Once you're hired, you're in!

    Level 1 - Low

    Your initiation to the most rudimentary, basic canine care skills. We never leave you alone with the dogs, and guide you as necessary.

    Level 2 - Medium

    You've become a  high beginner, or intermediate attendant. We can't leave you alone, yet, but you're more skilled and are gaining confidence managing the pack.

    Level 3 - Advanced

    You're at the advanced level, ready to be left alone with supervision.

    Level 4 - Certified Master K-9 Attendant

    You've passed your certification training and are ready to be independent with the dogs. You're a Master K-9 Attendant and trained enough to liaison with customers as well.

  • Join Our Extended Universe

    When we’re not cuddling, playing fetch, or giving generous pets to your adorable pooch, we enjoy interacting with you, hearing your stories, and showing off our new canine guests as they bound around Planet Pooch. Check us out on Facebook to check in or see our available rescue dogs. When you have time, give us a review on Yelp and help more pooches enjoy their universe.